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What makes me the expert?

To begin with, we raised our capital.  It took me over a year to do so, but we raised login our entire fund.  What makes me an absolute expert is the fact that I failed for most of that year.  I have made every mistake that an entrepreneur can make.  I’ve wasted my time and money so that you don’t have to.  You get the luxury of learning from my mistakes, and oh boy do I have some stories. 🙂

What makes us different?

In the Start-Up world, everyone has their hand out.  I cannot tell you how many coaches, mentors, incubators I’ve seen that are trying to get 1,000’s of your dollars.  Believe it or not, I put together this seminar as cheap as I can to help you, the entrepreneur, save a ton of time and money on your raise!


Founder & CEO

Through trial and error, I’ve seen it all.  I started my FinTech Start-Up with the belief that raising capital would be a breeze.  I soon stumbled over about every single pitfall in the business.  I’ve raise my company’sorder college papers online money, and I want to tell you exactly how I did so.

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